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What our customers are saying about us

Customer Thurston County Prosecutors Office: “Morgan Transfer has always provided the TCP’s office with outstanding service. I appreciate their courtesy and care provided to our gently used furniture!”

Customer Bird on packing: “A very smooth move from beginning to end. Kudos to all involved and we will definitely use this company again in April when we move to Jubilee.”

Customer Bird: Things went just fine on Friday. Your crew was great; they were on time and didn’t stop until everything was in storage at the end of the day. They were very congenial and we enjoyed the day, if it is possible to enjoy the process of moving! We hope we get the same crew when we move to our new home in April.


Kind words from customer Dahl

“We had heard horror stories about movers/packers and I was really tense about the whole thing with strangers being in my home. The people were pros at what they do, yet human with humor & wit. They made a stressful time pass with ease. I wish more people were like them. Keep these people as long as you can. I hope to see them in the future.”