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 Helpful Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

In addition to these moving tips resources, we are also an excellent resource for any questions you encounter when planning a move, whether for yourself – or a corporate relocation for your business or employees. We have many years of moving households and businesses, and chances are, we'll not only have an answer to your question – we’ll be able to provide a range of solutions to meet your individual needs.

  • Moving videos - Our "Expert Advice" video series with step-by-step process for packing different rooms in your home.

  • Moving checklist - Stay organized with this eight-week calendar of moving tasks.

  • Packing tips - Learn how to pack everything from lampshades to books.

  • Moving advice - How do you move a fish tank? Computer? Waterbed? Find the answers to these questions and more.

  • Non-allowables list - Did you know there are items you are not allowed to move in a full-service moving truck? Now you do.

  • Moving terminology - Movers have their own language. Learn to speak it.

  • Instant aid box - These are items you will need immediate access to when you arrive at your new home.

  • Know your rights - Protect yourself and your belongings during your move.

  • Useful links - Variety of moving resources.